Football Programs

UCF And South Florida Two Rising Football Programs From Florida

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A top five team from the state of Florida is taking their title hopes into a rivalry game this weekend, and it is not the Seminoles, Hurricanes, or the Gators, no, it is South Florida, who squares off against rival Central Florida in Tampa.

While the top three programs in the state struggle through a season in which none of them have less than two losses, the top ranked team in the state is undefeated and keeps knocking off opponents one by one.

This week, South Florida, this years Rutgers, takes the field against their in state rival UCF, and anyone thinking this will be an easy game for the fifth ranked team in the country better reconsider.

UCF is not far from being an elite program themselves, and they showed just how dangerous they can be when they nearly upset Texas a few weeks back.

The stakes are even higher for these two teams as the winner gets the upper edge in the recruiting battle for the next year.

South Florida still has the bulk of their Big East schedule in front of them and the hope this week is that they do not look ahead, and they stay focused on the task at hand, which is defeating UCF and staying undefeated.

NL Championship Series Starts Tonight With Diamondbacks And Rockies

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When this baseball season began, the popular picks to reach the World Series in the National League were the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers, but after the smoke cleared on the season, two unlikely teams are in the championship series.

The Arizona Diamondbacks should not be a surprise to anyone that they are playing in this series, after all, they did finish the regular season with the best record in the National League.

Colorado, for anyone that has been paying attention to baseball over the past month, should also not be considered a surprise, all they did was win 18 of their last 19 games coming into this series.

The two teams will again test the old adage that good pitching beats good hitting in the playoffs. Arizona comes in with one of the top two pitchers in the NL, last year’s Cy Young winner Brandon Webb, while the Rockies are the hottest hitting team on the planet.

Something will have to give, be it the Cinderella season that the D-Backs are having, or the improbable finish for Colorado.

Although this series seems east to handicap, there are some intangible factors. The Rockies have an unknown ace in Jeff Francis that has been spectacular on the mound this year, and Arizona has clutch hitting from their young line up.

The series will be shown, starting tonight, on TBS, and if the odds makers have any idea about the outcome, then it will be the Rockies who will move on as they are a small favorite at -135. The Diamondbacks are getting a price of +115.…

Super Bowl Nets

Super Bowl Nets Only Second Loss Since 1992 For Las Vegas Casinos

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This years Super Bowl will be one to forget for casinos in Las Vegas. Sports books inside the casinos took a net loss for only the second time in the past sixteen years.

The early returns from Las Vegas before the Super Bowl was played was that the majority of the money was being placed on the New York Giants.

When Eli Manning led the Giants on that now famous game winning drive, he took with him a lot of money from Las Vegas sports books.

In 1992, the state of Nevada started reporting figures on how much money was won and lost on the Super Bowl. The figures for this years game are so bad, they would put lesser operations out of business.

Casinos reported a loss of $2.6 million. That figure blows away the previous high for net loss on the big game from 1995. That year, $400,000 was lost on the San Francisco-San Diego game.

The bigger shock from this years game was the amount wagered on the event. Projections had as much as $100 million being bet on the game. The actual figure was $92.1 million. Last years game between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears actually received more bets, $93.1 million worth.

The reason for the big loss this year had to do with the underdog. The Giants are a popular NFL franchise, and their odds of 4-1 had many playing them to win the game outright. The casinos did not receive enough money on the Patriots to overcome the money lost to gamblers that bet the Giants.

One of the reasons for the below expectation betting numbers could be traced to the current state of the American economy. While both teams have plenty of fans, people may just not have had extra money to use for entertainment purposes such as gambling.…