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Super Bowl Gambling Props Shows Hypocrisy of American Government

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The Super Bowl this Sunday will be a glaring example of just how board people have become with the game itself. Taking a look at some of the prop bets made available by sports books is to understand just how much people enjoy gambling.

While the American government fools itself into believing that online gambling does not exist in the United States, you need only to look to this weeks Super Bowl game props to see the truth about Internet gambling in America.

As the week goes on, it becomes more clear that there is no prop that is too ridiculous for sports books to put odds on. One of the props that I’ve found is which coach will have a close up of his face first, Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin. Belichick is the favorite in this bet, with gamblers having to lay $120 to win $100.

Here is a look at some of the more outrageous bets gamblers can make on Sunday.

The color of the Gatorade that is dumped on the winning coach. Yellowish is the favorite at +130. Red, Orange, and Blue are next, followed by Blackish at +500.

Also available are all kinds of different scoring options between players in different sports. For instance, a gambler can bet on Kobe Bryant’s points against Tom Brady completions. Of course, there are odds to each of these props.

So, as the rest of America gets ready for the big game and tries to figure out which prop bets will net them the most money, government officials will watch the game and be proud of how they have kept Internet gambling out of the American culture.…

Super Bowl Gambling Could Reach 100 Million in Las Vegas

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The Super Bowl is good for two things in American culture. Entertaining commercials, and gambling. The latter is growing to epic proportions. Predictions have over $100 million being wagered on the game in Las Vegas this year.

The New England Patriots and the New York Giants are no strangers to the big stage of the Super Bowl. Both teams have been there and won several championships.

Early indications are the two teams are also a good draw at Vegas casinos. Many predictions have that $100 million figure as being on the low end.

When William “The Refrigerator” Perry went into the end zone in the Super Bowl back in 1985, a new era of sports gambling was born. Leading up to that game, a couple of sports books put odds out on whether the fridge would score a touchdown or not.

After seeing the money that was wagered on that prop bet, it lead to handicappers realizing anything they could come up with odds on, the public would bet. So the prop bet was born, and since then, gambling dollars spent on the Super Bowl has increased every year.

Add to the mix that many people will be gambling with illegal bookies on the Super Bowl, and that $100 million number seems minuscule in relation to the real number of money that could be bet on Super Sunday.

Weather Could Affect NFL Gambling Odds in New England Today

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No NFL team has been able to walk off the field victorious against the New England Patriots this season. Today, an opponent the Pats have not yet seen will try and ruin their perfect season. That opponent? The weather.

New England has played such exceptional football this year, that when they finally had a couple close games against the Ravens and Eagles, analysts actually believed they were vulnerable.

Now the Patriots will face their toughest opponent of the year. The Jets are the team stepping on the field with them, but the opponent that fears the Pats this weekend is, the weather.

A massive storm is set to hit the Northeast and with the way the Pats have played so far this year, it might be the only thing that can break up their perfect season.

The betting line on the game has stayed at twenty three and a half, but it will be extremely difficult for New England to cover that spread if the weather acts up, as is expected.

With three games left in the regular season, the Patriots are getting close to football immortality, and while no team has been able to hand them a defeat, Mother Nature will take its shot today.…