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The Super Bowl is the culmination of a stress filled year of betting for gamblers around the world. The time that follows serves as a much needed break from the stress before the Major League Baseball season begins.

For the casual gambler, the NFL has everything to offer. The games are exciting. Point spreads are relatively easy to understand, and there are experts to turn to for answers around every corner.

There is another breed of gambler out there, however. The hardcore bettor. For the hardcore bettor, there are now a few weeks off before their attention turns to March Madness followed by Major League Baseball.

March Madness happens for only a month, not enough time to drive gamblers crazy. So the transition from football briefly pauses for college hoops, before focusing on baseball. Baseball lines are much more complex than their football counterpart. They contain pluses and minuses that only the well trained gambler can understand. The games are more boring, and the season is played everyday from April until October.

To be a baseball gambler, it takes a special kind of person. The type that not only loves the game, but can sit through nine, long, stress filled innings, before an outcome is achieved.

The chances of having underdogs win games is much greater in baseball than football. The other side of that is that there are also fifteen games nightly, with game totals for all.

In the end, the reality for these hardcore gamblers is this. The month in between the Super Bowl and spring training games, serves as a much needed break for even the most devoted of bettors.

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